It’s What Matters Most

ad we care

Loraine and Shae have been doing medical spa services for a combined 25+ years and what we wanted MOST is to be the best in the industry.  The best injector and the best skin care professional with one very important added essential feature….the ability to CARE!  We wanted to make a positive difference in YOUR life.  We want in!   The best thing we can offer is honesty and caring.  We CARE more about your best interest and this IS what sets us apart.   We don’t make random recommendations.  We make recommendations that matter.  We consider your budget around those recommendations and rank what is the biggest bang for your investment.  We want to connect to you.  We want to understand what is most important to you.  We also want to give you sound and expert advice.  After we make a plan of action, you will receive the BEST care and the BEST treatment possible.

Also, we have had these services done.  We know first hand the importance of looking and feeling natural!  We know how it feels to get a treatment and this might sound less noteworthy but it helps us understand exactly what to expect during and after treatments so that we can care for you better.  By the way, our new favorite is Exilis Ultra.  FEELS AMAZING! Perfect date night treatment!

Caring makes a difference.    We are also blessed to have Leslie and Chandler care. Team Care!    It is what sets us apart.

Come and experience the difference if you haven’t already.  If you have, thank you for being part of the community we care for.

We offer complimentary consults to make your care plan including facial rejuvenation without surgery, skin care products and management, skin tightening and body treatments and much more.  We are conveniently located in Newark, Delaware, across from Christiana Hospital in the Omega Professional Center.

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