How did Charmed Medispa begin?


It started with love. Two providers, Loraine Olson, RN, and Shae Ryan, licensed aesthetician, fell in love with the science and technology of non-surgical options.

When Loraine and Shae began working together in 2005, they quickly realized that they made a perfect team. Their mutual goal for the clients they served was to provide the best results possible. They would discourage services when deemed necessary, and encourage and cheer clients when appropriate. They both delighted in coaching clients on skin success.

As technology advanced, so did their skill sets, including being one of only a few providers in Delaware who are laser operator certified. Loraine and Shae both have a strong desire to obtain exceptional outcomes while keeping the clients absolutely safe.

For over a decade, Loraine and Shae have fostered skin care advances and results that are unparalleled. In 2015, Charmed Medispa was opened so they could continue to collaborate in a setting that matched their vision and their philosophy of care.

The word “charmed” means to “delight in pleasing others”, making the company name spot on. It’s what Charmed Medispa is all about.

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