Bikini Bumps, Facial Hair and Under Arm Shadows

laser hair delaware

Do you know how life can get more simplified?  Laser hair removal!  We spend a tremendous amount of time removing hair by shaving and waxing (not to mention the long-term expense of waxing).  Did you know in 6-8 sessions of laser hair removal, you can have freedom of this time consuming task?

Let’s talk about facial hair.  It is so common and most people don’t talk about facial hair when you are a female.  It can be embarrassing and an uncomfortable topic.  Specifically, dark hair tends to grow in women when hormones are changing when the stages of menopause start.  We have good advice.  Get laser hair removal when you facial hair is dark since laser hair removal does not work on blonde, grey or white hair.  Otherwise, you will start to have lots of hair that you obsess over that you cannot treat on the face.

Body hair?  So many people get laser bumps and irritation when they shave their bikini area or their underarms.  Laser hair removal can significantly help eliminate bumps and folliculitis associated with hair growth.

If you want laser hair removal on the face or body, now is the time to start!  Why, because you can’t be tan when you have treatment!  If you need 6-8 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart, that is a process!  Starting now ensures that you should be finished before summer next year.  Laser hair removal is also affordable.  Laser hair removal of the face ranges from $75 to $150 depending on the total surface area.  There is no downtime and the service does not show any telltale signs that you had anytime done (other than smoother skin with less hair).

Also, we must emphasize that if you have blonde fuzzy hair on your face, do yourself a favor and shave it.  Yes, shave it.  Your skin will be smoother and you will not grow a beard.  Since laser hair removal does not work on blonde hair, this is an awesome solution.  You will shave every two weeks.  No big deal and lots of people are doing it just not talking about it.

Charmed Medispa is located in Newark, Delaware and we are your ambassadors of wellness, healthy skin strategies and honesty for your personal goals.  Our reputation and results speak for themselves and we offer consults on laser hair removal, skin care, antiaging success plans, acne and oily skin management as well as control of excess pigmentation, scars and more.  Start with a plan here and end up with pure satisfaction.

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