Behind The Medical Spa Scene

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Behind every profession, there are behind the scenes information you should know and we would like to share a few medical spa industry tips for your awareness.

  1.  Not everything “new” is awesome. New products, new technology, new way to do it, new person.  Hold your horses on trying all the new things. For instance, recently we tried a “new fabulous device that gets rid of red vessels magically”.  Only to learn that it didn’t do that at all, not to mention the blister it left on Loraine after it was demoed.  Vessels remained.  Aggravation enhanced.
  2. It takes years of working with another provider to be out on your own.  Until then, you will be stumped often (reading a book in your office on how to).  We understand the desire to open your own medical spa. However, even at a salon, you have to be an assistant first often for years and work under the expert.  Why is it any different for providers to offer medical grade services?  There is an exponential amount to learn for the multitude of complex technologies and intricate services that you have to know to be a provider on your own.  REALLY know. In addition, you have to know how to combine them.   At least once a month, we are contacted by a health care provider on how to get into the medical spa field.  You need to have a long preceptorship with a very experienced provider and work with them closely to learn the skills required.  But make no mistake not everyone can learn how to do services even if they do this.  Not everyone can be an artist or interior designer even if they work with the best artist.  The medical spa field is a fine art.  There’s no doubt in our minds you have to have THE VISION not just the skills to do this.
  3. The before and afters you see on social media, may not be that providers work.  That’s a shame but very true.  Ask the tough questions when you see a provider like how long have you been doing this?  What is the extent of your training? How many cases do you do per week?  What complications have you personally seen?  Insist on seeing their portfolio of work.  We have actually seen our work on other social media sites.  Flattering, yes, but it also makes us cringe because of the deception.
  4. Lastly, some providers recommend what will benefit them the most financially.  An aesthetician might make more commission doing one service so she always recommends that service over a more appropriate treatment.  A provider might give you Botox when you really don’t need it or there are other resources that will serve you better.

At Charmed Medispa, we are guided by integrity and honesty.  We did it the hard way, brick by brick.  We are very proud of what decades of experience has taught us.  Charmed Medispa is located in Newark, Delaware, and offers advanced injection techniques for fillers like Restylane, Juvederm and Voluma as well as Botox, Dysport and Sculptra.  We also are Laser Certified Operators (rare) and offer laser hair removal, laser resurfacing like Pixel and Fraxel, microneedling like PRP, facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasions and managed medical grade skin care.  Start with a complimentary consultation!

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