June 27, 2016
fun facts decades

What Category Do You Fall In?

It’s a pattern and after consulting with thousands of individuals, we would like to sum up and generalize how people react and think about non-surgical rejuvenation.  The 20 year olds, totally get it and will not hesitate to have it […]
June 26, 2016

Do Your Products Do This?

This result is after ONE month on our customized skin care.  One month!  This lovely lady still has results waiting for her and her skin will continue to get healthier, brighter and tighter and it can stay this way long-term. […]
June 20, 2016
ad chest rejuvenation

Chest Rejuvenation Keeps Improving

Many people focus on their face for rejuvenation and improvement in lines, pigmentation and wrinkles  but forget about the chest area.  Next thing you know, the chest looks way different that the face.  We encourage you to make sure your […]
June 15, 2016

Bye Bye Surgery

Surgical options were the only option not that long ago and thankfully, now there are options galore for facial rejuvenation.  If you have sagging skin, you don’t need to be cut or have weeks of downtime with a facelift.  If […]
June 10, 2016
quote client

No One Could Believe My Age

Here is a personal story of a client that Shae Ryan and Loraine Olson have known for years.  She goes to a medical appointment and the nurse checks her date of birth only to question that the birth date is […]
June 6, 2016
charmed wand

Everything is Different Here

We have worked HARD to make sure that the experience at Charmed is different in the most positive ways.  First, we don’t see multiple people at one time.  So from the jump, your appointment is giving an ultra appropriate amount […]
June 3, 2016

Combo Loraine and Shae Do It Again

Beauty.  We all want to look our best.  It’s not vanity or selfish.  We think it’s the exact opposite.  It is normal and what is better than feeling great about yourself?  Here’s an excellent example of a beautiful woman, stunning […]